Swap Waste for Food

In partnership with Weklyn,a waste management & recycling company in Uyo we’re enabling individuals and businesses swap their recyclable waste for food. Its our way of generating awareness of the inherent value of waste & the harm it does to the environment when disposed inappropriately.

Below’s How it Works:

1. Request a waste pickup from Weklyn by simply calling their hotline on 0809695344. Do well to sort out your waste appropriately so it’ll be easy for them to determine the type of waste & its value.

2. Tell the Weklyn representative that you intend to swap your waste for food on Uduaa.

3. After weighing your recyclable waste & determining the value, he’ll request for your Uduaa username. He’ll then forward your username with the value of your total recyclables to us.

4. We’ll credit your wallet on Uduaa with the value of the waste you just recycled. You can then use the funds in your wallet to make purchases on our website.

Note: You need to have an account on Uduaa to be able to access this. Also to learn more about how to sort your waste & the value of each type of waste kindly head over to the Weklyn website.

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