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Margaret Okon

Uduaa is a competent & efficient business that transacts with integrity. As a new farm, they were able to take the burden of lead generation & sales from us. The transparency & ease of communication also makes it easy to do business with them. I highly recommend them to others.

Margaret Okon / CEO Bemar Farms

Best online shopping platform in Uyo. You get your money’s worth without the stress of going to the market. It’s been a great relief to me especially in this lock-down period.. They always come through & are polite too. I’d recommend Uduaa to everyone within Uyo.

Nneoma Adibe
Meflyn Anwana

Getting my grocery needs sorted out with Uduaa is an experience I’d recommend to anyone.

Meflyn Anwana / S.A. to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Entrepreneurial Development

There was a time in my poultry business when I needed assistance selling off my birds & eggs. Uduaa really came in handy.

Elder Inyangudo / Poultry Farmer

At first I doubted but got to find out that its quite cheaper than what I thought. Excellent quality.

Sifon Udoh

Unbelievably cheap, with great quality.