About Us.

Uduaa is a complete post harvest solution for farmers in Nigeria. We enable farmers procure, transport, temporary store & distribute their produce to reach the final end users within & outside Nigeria. This is made possible by directly connecting them to their market via our online platform & our offline retail outlets where individuals and businesses can buy foodstuffs and agricultural produce at the lowest prices possible and matching these farmers with investors from anywhere in the world who finance our post harvest activities thereby enabling the farmer’s produce get to the market on time and in excellent condition while earning the investors decent returns on their investment.

Why Invest.

Over 40% of food produced in Nigeria is lost during the post harvest process which involves storing, preserving, transportation, marketing & distribution to ensure the food items reach the final consumers at the right time and in the right condition.

We’ve decided to solve those problems for the farmers by procuring the food items, temporarily storing & preserving them, marketing & distributing the items to the final consumers all over the world.

However we can’t achieve this feat alone, so we’ve decided to open up for financial partnership from the public by creating a cooperative – Jattat in order to enable anyone anywhere partner with us to finance the post harvest process of agriculture in Nigeria and earn healthy returns from it.

Returns on Investment is 13% per annum. Interested in investing with us? Kindly head over to Jattat to see available investment opportunities.

Got questions? Kindly call/whatsapp 08184724232 or send us an email via contact@uduaa.com.

What our Funders are Saying

I am thrilled to partner with sincere young Nigerians on Uduaa through Jattat. Your sincerity is commendable!

Omorefe O.

I’ve had quite a cool experience investing with Jattat. I used it to set aside money for house rent & school fees & earned more on these that went into other things like data & new shoes.”

Gloria Okorie

I’ve been doing business with Jattat for sometime now, one thing I can vouch for is their consistency & trustworthiness. I once told them I could trust them with my wife because I know she’d be safe with them”

Edinyangaobong Udofia


How do I Invest?

Kindly head over to Jattat to invest or give us a call/whatsapp via 08184724232

What is the Minimum & Maximum Generation?

The minimum investment is N50,000 & the maximum investment depends on the number of units available.

Can I Terminate my Investment Anytime?

No; you can only terminate your investment at the end of an investment cycle.

Is your Business Insured?

Yes our business is insured with Leadway Assurance