There’s only one day in the world Garri will retail at N10 per cup; its on the Uduaa Day. Uduaa Day is a monthly event put together by Uduaa, a company that enables farmers and food producers in Nigeria get their items to the market on time via its online and offline retail outlets.

The aims of the event are:

  1. To provide an offline platform for farmers and food producers to sell off their produce.
  2. Provide an avenue for individuals & corporates to shop food items at up to 50% discounts.
  3. Provide a platform for key players in the food and agric sector in Nigeria to meet, network, learn and shop while having fun.

Coming Soon!

This event is supported by Ndidiaa, Oxigyn , Wyeels & Jattat. For enquiries call/whatsapp 08184724232 or send an email to